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Precision Gauging

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Within the industrial sector, precision gauging typically refers to full scale gauging systems with SPC software and computer integration. These gauging systems are used for automated gauging to incredibly precise tolerances, often under a micron. Precision gauging systems are used in many manufacturing applications, from machining to metal stamping.

Precision Gauging Solution Providers

Kurt Engineered Systems: Kurt is a leading manufacturer of precisions gauging systems, including robust LVDT transducers that can survive in the harshest environments. Kurt gauging systems include full USB integration with computer SPC software to provide instant shop floor data collection as part of the gauging system.

Gauging Examples

Some form of precise measurement is required for almost all manufacturing processes, to ensure that the completed part fits within the necessary specifications. Precision automated gauging is often a part of the quality control process, making sure that parts are consistent from part to part within the tolerance ranges of the product or application. One example of an automated gauging solution is the manufacture of soda cans or bottles. Each can or bottle rolls of the manufacturing line and is then measured by the gauging system (or perhaps every 3rd or every 12th is measured, depending on the needs for precision and the dangers of one being slightly off). In the case of this beverage industry example, the gauging system is most likely measuring the width of the aluminum can, and probably measuring it in several places. The width of the can needs to be consisted from can to can, but also from the top of the can to the bottom of the can. Flaws or inconsistencies in the width could result in failure when pressurized, or could indicate that more material