Kurt Engineered Systems

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9445 East River Road NW
Minneapoli, Minnesota 55433
Phone: 763-572-4593

Kurt Engineered Systems provides precision gauging systems for horizontal and vertical machining centers and other precision gauging solutions. Kurt gauging systems range from multi-featured gauging machines to simple benchtop solutions.

Kurt Engineered Systems gauging systems are designed to include SPC technology with full Windows-based Statistical process Control software and direct USB gauge interface.

Kurt’s gauging systems provide incredibly precise measuring within tight tolerances, with gauges that can read down to a few millionths of an inch, all with full integration into Kurt SPC software. Some of the features integrated into Kurt custom gauge systems include closed lop feedback to machines or othre devices, automated part size changeover to measure multiple sizes, measurement resolutions of less than a micron, part sorting and grading and high speed cycle times as low as 3 seconds per part.

Kurt Engineered Systems Gauging Products:


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