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The Industrial Marketplace Web is an industrial company and product directory created to educate and share information with new comers, marketers, sales representatives, buyers, specifiers and engineers in the Industrial Marketplace. New comers to the industrial market can browse our product & services directory to learn more about the many different services and solutions within the industrial market; engineers, specifiers, and buyers can use the directory to find direct solution providers; and industrial companies can use the Company Profile Directory to promote their business.

The Industrial Marketplace Web is your growing resource for content, companies and references for services and products from CNC machining and metal stamping to robotic depalletizers,  thermal oxidizers and plastic injection molding. The Industrial Marketplace Web offers detailed descriptions of the various industrial products and services, the latest news and press releases within the market, and our directories steer you painlessly to the solution providers you’re seeking.

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April 4th 2019 under Press Releases

BROOKFIELD, WI (April 3, 2019) – Trace-A-Matic Corporation continues to invest in manufacturing technology to ensure the highest level of machining tolerances and efficiency for its original equipment manufacturing customers.
In striving to be the global manufacturing supplier of precision machined components, Trace-A-Matic North has purchased and installed a new OKK VM76R vertical machining center to […]

Electronic products include batteries,  AC/DC power supplies,  electrical circuits, sensors, alarms, and other products used to power and connect devices and equipment.
Electronic Product Manufacturers & Distributors

Daitron Incorporated is a contracted stocking distributor of electronic products including batteries, low-noise AC/DC power supplies, semiconductor and board level components, connectors, and more. The company’s diverse business divisions serve a broad range of industries including industrial, medical, semiconductor, solar cell, and others.

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Daitron Incorporated

April 3rd 2019 under Company Profiles

Daitron Incorporated
9720 SW Hillman Court
Suite 805
P.O. Box 3500
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Company Profile
Daitron distributes a wide range of products including capital equipment, electronic components, optical and image processing equipment, power supply equipment, and power supply products. Together, their business divisions serve industries including electronics, solar cell. semiconductor, transportation, heavy-duty industrial, and medical and biomedical.
The company also has a Value Added Assembly Division providing custom cable components, […]

Medical suppliers provide parts and instruments used in the manufacturing of medical devices and equipment. These products include adhesives, screws, fasteners, IV products, electronic components, trauma kits, tubing, sterilization equipment, and much more. The manufacturing of these products must adhere to strict FDA regulations and often requires rigorous testing to ensure quality and prevent product failure.

Mahe Medical manufactures over 10,000 various ISO certified and FDA approved medical instruments and supplies for medical device companies. Their products are used in devices […]

Mahe Medical USA

March 19th 2019 under Company Profiles

Mahe Medical USA
9800 E Easter Avenue
Suite 130
Centennial, Ohio 80112
Phone: 303-632-7395
Company Profile
Mahe Medical is a market leader and pioneer in manufacturing ISO certified, FDA approved products for the medical industry. They provide high-quality products to medical device companies around the world and work with medical professionals to design and develop new products for the healthcare market. 
The company specializes in several areas including orthopedics, trauma, endoscopy, traumatology, […]