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LVDT Transducers & Probes

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A LVDT transducer (Linear Variable Differential Transducer) is a sensor that is used as part of gauging systems and used for measuring linear displacement. A LVDT sensor is specifically used in contact-type gauging applications and the LVDT sensor is capable of resolutions as small as a few millionths of an inch. Internally, an LVDT transducer is made up of three end-to-end solenoidal coils. The center coil is the primary, while the two outer coils are secondary. These coils are surrounded by a one-piece, hollow form. When measuring, the coil assembly generally remains stationary, while a separate ferromagnetic tubular core moves through the center of the coils. The moving core is attached to the measured object; as it moves, the linkage between the primary and secondary coils changes, altering their induced voltages. This change in voltage is registered by a synchronous detector and used to determine measurements.