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Gas Detection System

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A Gas Detection System refers to an integrated plant-wide network of sensors, monitors, servers, and alarms designed for industrial facilities to detected hazardous gases, including combustible gas, toxic gas, dangerously low oxygen levels, and often flame detection as well. Gas detection systems make use of a series of different gas detectors that must interface with central computer and alarm systems in a way that provides redundancy, particularly in instances of power failure (which in turn can lead to toxic or combustible gas releases).

Gas Detection System Providers

  • Sierra Monitor Corporation provide unparalleled gas detection system solutions, from simple gas sensors to multi-point intelligent gas detection systems making use of 2-way communication between gas sensors, the controller, and the plant DCS. The Sierra Monitor Sentry IT Smart Gas Detectors provide many ways to interface to facility-wide industrial controls.
  • Sensor Electronics develops, designs and manufactures  gas detection systems including