Sierra Monitor Corporation

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Sierra Monitor
1991 Tarob Court
Milpitas, California
Phone: 408-262-6611

Sierra Monitor is a public corporation that provides environmental measurement and control through specialized software implemented on proprietary hardware platforms. Sierra Monitor develops complete building safety automation solutions, including gas detectors and flame detectors.

Sierra Monitor’s gas detection systems are the most advanced gas and fire safety systems in the world. Gas detection systems range from basic gas detectors and monitors to complete multi-poing intelligent gas detection systems that make use of digital 2-way communications between sensors, controller, and the plant DCS.

Sierra Monitor’s gas detection systems include detection of combustible gas, toxic gas detection, oxygen deficiency detection, and flame detection systems. Sierra Monitor has a wide array of gas detection equipment and systems available to fit the safety needs to nearly any company, with implementation capabilities to interface with nearly any existing system.

Sierra Monitor divisions FieldServer and Protocessor provide expertise in the implementation of complete building automation systems with multiple protocol capabilities to integrate Sierra Monitor gas detection systems with interface to EtherNet/IP, Modbus, LonWorks, BACnet, Metasys, Profibus and more.

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