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Dock Seals & Dock Shelters

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Dock seals and dock shelters provide a positive seal between internal and external environments at loading docks. Dock seals and dock shelters fill in the space between the back end of a trailer being loaded or unloaded and the exterior wall of a loading dock. This prevents climate controlled air from being lost from inside the building, and prevents outdoor elements from entering.

Dock Seal & Dock Shelter Company Links

  • Star Equipment, Inc. supplies a range of top quality dock seals and dock shelters, to match any customer’s loading dock specifications. They also supply dock levelers, high speed loading dock doors, and a variety of material handling equipment.

About Dock Seals & Dock Shelters

Dock seals are most commonly foam cushions wrapped in heavy-duty material, built on a high strength steel frame. Most models seal automatically as the trailer backs against the foam pad. Dock seals are highly adaptable and can be nearly any size, to accommodate the many different sizes of loading dock doors. Weather proof outer materials protect the foam interior from the elements. Dock shelters generally offer greater coverage than dock seals. They extend further out from the dock entrance, allowing full-width access to the back of the trailer. Most are comprised of a steel framework covered by weather proof material