Dock Levelers

A dock leveler is a specialty device built into loading docks bridge the gap between the dock and the semi trailer during loading and unloading. This makes loading and unloading much easier, and allows pallet jacks, forklifts, and other rolling conveyances to move between the loading dock floor and the trailer smoothly. 

Dock Leveler Company Links

  • Star Equipment, Inc. is theUpper Midwest’s leading supplier of dock levelers and other loading dock equipment, including high speed doors and material handling equipment.

About Dock Levelers

Because not all trailer beds and loading docks are at the same height, they often line up above or below the height of the dock. Dock levelers are designed to move up or down to match the height of the trailer bed for smooth, safe transitions in and out of the trailer. Dock levelers are strong enough to support motorized fork lifts, master conveyors, and other similar loading and unloading equipment.

There are two main types of dock levelers: edge of dock and pit mount.

“Edge of dock” levelers attach to the face of a dock and use a hinged steel flap or flaps to connect the loading dock to the trailer bed. “Pit mount” dock levelers are installed in the concrete pit of a facility’s loading dock area. They raise and lower an extended platform to provide a ramp between the trailer and the dock.

Dock levelers can be air, hydraulic, or mechanically powered. They generally employ diamond plate patterns on their surfaces to increase traction and prevent slippage of personnel and conveyances.

Alternatives to built-in dock levelers are dock plates and dock boards. These devices serve essentially the same purpose, but are portable, light weight, usually one-piece platforms that can be moved in and out of place as needed. Dock plates and dock boards are generally utilized in loading docks that are less frequently used.

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