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Custom Tubing

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Custom tubing is any form of  tubing, generally made from plastic or a similar material, that is customized to the needs of the individual consumer.

Custom Tubing Manufacturers:

  • Freelin-Wade produces custom tubing to meet the demands of their customers, in addition to their vast assortment of standard plastic tubing, vinyl/PVC tubing, nylon tubing, and other tubing varieties.
  • Polyconn

Custom Tubing Variations

As plastic, PVC, and the like are generally easy to work with and easily adaptable, the possibilities for custom tubing are nearly limitless. Common examples of custom tubing include:
  • Electric wiring jacketed with plastic tubing for insulation and easier installation
  • Bonded tubing: two or more tubes permanently bonded together for a cleaner look when installed
  • Plastic tubing with company names, part numbers, or similar text printed directly on the tubing
  • Tubing produced in specific colors or combinations of colors, either for branding purposes or as installation/usage guides
  • Profiles: tubing in shapes other than the traditional round, such as oblong