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Color Anodizing

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Color anodizing is a variation of the aluminum anodizing process which is specifically used to add coloration to the workpiece. Color anodizing imparts all the benefits of standard anodizing, such as improved corrosion and wear resistance, increased surface hardness equal to case-hardened steel, improved dielectric properties, and improved thermal properties. Usually a Type II anodizing process, color anodizing can also be achieved through various proprietary methods. Nearly any color can be added to anodic coatings, and in a variety of ways. Multi-color anodizing can produce two or more distinct colors within defined areas. Fade anodizing creates a gradual transition between one color and another, without clear demarcation. Splatter anodizing is used to add multiple random colors in the same area on a single part. Color anodizing is frequently used for product differentiation, corporate branding, and various other purposes.