Medical Grade Plastic

Medical grade plastics are available in a wide spectrum of forms that provide the resistance to radiation, cleaning and disinfecting that are standard in the medical industry. Medical grade plastics require good machineability, dimensional stability, and compliance with FDA restrictions for raw material and color pigments.
Medical Grade Plastic Manufacturers

Plastics International specializes in a variety of high performance plastics for use in a variety of industries. From medical grade plastic to food compliant materials, Plastics International can supply the plastic rods, […]

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Tivar Hot Plastic

TIVAR® H.O.T. is a specialty plastic that was developed for use in manufacturing environments where chemical and thermocycling processes require temperatures up to 275° F.  This material is an effective option for use in operations where temperatures are too high for standard TIVAR®, but not high enough to warrant the use of Teflon or other thermoplastics.
Tivar Hot Manufacturers

 Plastics International is a supplier of performance plastics for use in a variety of industrial applications. The company supplies a comprehensive selection of […]

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