Metal Channels

Metal Channels are a product of inline metal roll forming processes and can be used in a variety of industrial applications. Profiles for metal channels are available in many standardized shapes and sizes, but can also be customized for specific purposes.
Metal Channel Manufacturers
Johnson Brothers Roll Forming specialize in a variety of roll formed metal products including metal channels, profiles, mouldings, and special shapes. The Chicago-based company provides comprehensive roll forming processes in-house, from design to finishing.
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Metal Roll Forming

Metal Roll Forming is a metal fabrication technique for processing sheet metal through a series of rollers that bend the metal into the profile desired. The process, while simplistic in design, can provide an extensive range of geometric possibilities for products that have a consistent cross-section along their length.
Roll Formed metal pieces are generally lighter weight than similar pieces that are formed by extrusion or other metal fabrication processes. Due to the metal being work hardened in a cold state, […]

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