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The industrial niche is full of technical information and terms. Each industry has a special set of vocabulary and jargon that can be hard to understand. In the packaging industry there are words like mezzanines and dock boards. In the electrical industry you might read Quazite handhole or ballast. Whatever the industry, it is important to understand the unique language used. Below are definitions of some industry niches and keywords.

5 Axis CNC Machines

Abrasive Blasting

Access Control


Adhesion Promoter/Adhesion Primer

Air Curtain

Air Leak Testing

Airbus Standard EN6131 Clip Nut Fasteners

Aluminum Anodizing

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Metal Stamping

Aluminum Oxide Coatings

Anodic Coatings

Anodizing Equipment

Anodizing Supplies

Anti-Static Brushes

ASME Pressure Vessels

Auction Event Solutions


Automotive Accessories

Automotive Stamping

Backwashing Filter

Bags & Packaging Supplies

Battery Cable

Bolted Tank Manufacturing

Borated Polyethylene

Box Furnace

Bridge Rectifier

Building Automation Gateway

Bulk Semiconductors

Cable & Wire Rope Assemblies

Cable Ties & Zip Ties

Centrifugal Finishing

Ceramic Resistors

Chrome Carbide Coatings

Chrome Oxide Coatings

Circuit Protection Devices

Cleanroom Apparel & Garments

Cleanroom Supplies

Clip Nuts: Boeing’s Choice

CNC Machining

CNC Milling

Coatings for Medical Supplies

Cold Spray Coatings

Color Anodizing

Commercial & Industrial Scales & Calibration

Commercial Dryers

Commercial Ironers

Commercial Washers

Common Mode Choke

Composite Disc Couplings

Composite Torlon Fasteners

Conformal Coating

Contract Manufacturing

Contracting Rings

Control Panel Design

Conveyor Belts

Cooling Coils

Copper Cooling Coils

Copper Stamping

Corona Treatment


Cryogenic Deburring

Cryogenic Deflashing

Current Inductors

Current Sense Transformer

Custom Aluminum Cases

Custom Battery Packs

Custom Brushes

Custom Cases

Custom Converting & Custom Fabrication

Custom Forging

Custom Labels

Custom Metal Stamping

Custom Printed Cable Ties

Custom Sewing Companies

Custom Springs

Custom Tubing

Custom Welded Steel Storage Tanks

Deep Drawn Parts


Delrin 150

Dental Masks

Depalletizer – Robotic Depalletizers

Deployable Fire Protection System



Detention Hollow Metal Doors

Detention Metal Security Ceilings

Detention Security Floors

Detention Steel Wall Panels

Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Die Cutting

Distillation Columns

Distillation Systems


Dock Levelers

Dock Seals & Dock Shelters

Dowel Pins

Draeger Tube

Dunnage Air Bags

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)

Electric Relays

Electrical Conduits & Electrical Raceways

Electrical Supplies

Electromagnetic Brakes & Clutches

Electronic Products


Electrostatic Precipitators

End Mill


EtherNet/IP Protocol (EtherNet Industrial Protocol)

Expanding Rings

Extension Cords

Extruded Plastic

Extruded Rubber

Extruded Silicone

Farming Products & Equipment



Fiberglass Tanks

Fire Extinquisher Seals

Fire Safe

Fire Safety Glass

Flame Detectors

Flash Memory Card Duplicators

Flex Circuits

Flexible Heaters

Flexible Shaft Couplings

Floating Roofs and Domes for Tanks

Floor Level Palletizer

Floor Safe

Forged Crankshafts

Forged Steel Blocks

Freeze Alarms

Fused Deposition Modeling

Gas Detecting Equipment

Gas Detection System

Gas Monitors



Glass Cutting Tables

Glass Lined Bolted Storage Tanks

Green Chemicals

Green Cleaning

Green Laser Marking

Gun Safe

Hand Deburring

Hand Deburring of Small Parts

Hand Spray

Hard Anodizing

Hard Chrome Plating

Hard Coat Anodizing


Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Treating

Helical Piles & Helical Piers

Henkel Coatings

HID Lamp

High Level Palletizer

Hose Connects

Hose Coupling

Humidity Alarms

HVAC/R Equipment & Services

HVOF Coatings

Hydraulic Clamping

Hydronic Heating

IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor)

In Mold Decorating (IMD)


Industrial Air Pollution Abatement

Industrial Coating

Industrial Curtains

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Grinding & Processing Equipment

Industrial Laundry

Industrial Lighting

Industrial Online Marketing

Industrial Ovens

Industrial PC’s

Industrial Process Piping

Industrial Pumps

Industrial Rolls

Industrial Sewing Supplies

Industrial Water Softeners


Intermatic Timers & Controls

Investment Casting

ISO Certification

Isopropyl Wipes

Jail Doors

Junction Blocks

Just In Time (JIT) Manufacturing

Kitting Services

Lab Furnaces

Laboratory Ovens

Laser Marking

Lead Glass / X-Ray Glass

Leak Detecting Equipment

LEMO® Connectors

Level Sensor

Lift Tables

Lithium Ion Battery

Lockout Tagout Supplies

LonWorks Gateways

LonWorks Protocol

Low NOx Burners

LVDT Transducers & Probes

Machining Equipment


Material Handling

Mechanical Screening Equipment

Medical Coatings

Medical Grade Plastic

Medical Injection Molding

Medical Instruments and Supplies

Medical Machining

Medical Parts Cleaning

Medical Plastic Molding

Melting Pot

Membrane Switch

Metal Channels

Metal Fabrication

Metal Profiles, Moldings, & Special Shapes

Metal Roll Forming

Metal Stamping – Deep Drawn Stamping

Metal Stamping Dies

Metal Stampings

Metal Strut Channels

Micro Molding

Micro-Crystalline Anodizing

Microdermabrasion Crystals

MIG Welding

Modbus Protocol

Modular Buildings

Modular Cleanrooms

Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Non Marking Casters

Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

Open Die Forging

Pallet Handling Equipment

Pallet Racks Repair

Pallet Retainers



Phenolic Casters

Photo-Sensitive Metal Engraving

Pipe and Bolt Threading Machines

Piston Rings

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Pallets

Plastic Rod

Plastic Sheet

Plastic Tubing


Plug-N-Go Spindles

Pneumatic Components

Pneumatic Manifolds


Polyethylene Plastic Tubing

Portable Fall Protection Systems

Precision Gaging

Precision Vises

Pressure Washers

Prison Doors

Progressive Die Stamping

Quick Connects

Quick Couplings

Quick Disconnects

Radiation Shielding


Robotics Equipment

Roll Coating

Safety Tags

Seal Rings

Secondary Operations

Security Doors

Security Gun Storage

Security Seals

Self-Centering Vises

Self-Closing Gates Provide Safety & Ease of Use

Semiconductor Gold Lighting

Sewer Jetters

Shatterproof Safety Lamps

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Shot Blasting

Shot Peening

Single Phase Transformers

Slip Ring

Smart Safe

Solenoid Valve

Solvent Recovery

Sonic Welding

Specialty Paper

Spill Containment

Spooled Twist Ties

Stainless Steel Forgings

Stainless Steel Passivation

Stainless Steel Stamping


Statistical Process Control Software

Steel Belts

Steel Drums

Steel Tube Bending

Stone CNC Machining

Storage Silos

Strapping Systems

Stretch Film

Stretch Wrappers

Submersible Pump

Sump Pump Alarms

Supply Lines

Swiss Machining

Tag Attachers

Tantalum Coatings

Tape and Reel Service

Temperature Sensors & Assemblies

Temperature Transmitters & Controllers

Test Fixture

Testing for Bulk Material Handling Systems

Thermal Deburring

Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal Spraying



TIG Welding

Timing Belts

Tivar Hot Plastic

Tool Post Grinder

Torque Limiter

Toxic Gas Detector

Trailer Jets

Truck Door Seals

Tube Bending

Tube Furnaces

Tubing Couplings


Twist Tie Machine

Twist Ties

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Used Industrial Printing Equipment

UV Laser Marking

Variable Speed Drives

Vertical Machining Center


Wastewater Treatment Systems

Water Alarms

Water Filtration

Water Jet Cutting

Water Treatment Systems

Weighing & Measurement Solutions

Welding Cable

Wire Duct

YAG Laser Marking

Yellow/Gold UV Blocking Lamp

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