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CNC Machining

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CNC Machining (or Computer Numeric Control Machining) is a manufacturing process which uses a computer to automatically perform a set series of machining actions. CNC machining is widely used because of its ability for increased productivity and flexibility. CNC Machining is used by numerous companies in many industries for machining steel, aluminum and plastics. Related to CNC machining is precision CNC machining, which refers to using CNC machining technology for very precise specifications that must be exact from part to part, and micromachining, which refers to CNC machining very small parts, often for the medical and dental industries.

CNC Machining Companies

  • 3D CNC, Inc. is a precision technology manufacturer specializing in precision tooling, wire EDM services, close tolerance component parts, automated manufacturing equipment, and prototypes.
  • Aaero Swiss, Inc. are experts in Swiss screw machining and precision CNC machining. They pro