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Cleanroom Supplies

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Cleanroom supplies, as the name implies, are supplies used in cleanroom applications. These products can include everything from reusable and disposable garments to cleaning wipes to rubber gloves to specialty floor mats and more. Cleanroom supplies are designed to help maintain the cleanliness and integrity of a cleanroom. Each of these products helps reduce airborne particulates and contaminant infiltration in its own way. Cleanroom floor mats, for example, are generally covered with sticky substances to remove dirt and other unwanted foreign materials from the soles of cleanroom workers’ shoes. Cleanroom wipes may be “dry,” made with special low lint or lint free materials and used to clean tools, etc., prior to use or ionized to eliminate electrostatic discharge, or “wet,” pre-saturated with isopropyl alcohol or other chemicals for cleaning and/or disinfecting purposes. There are a number of unique products that are almost exclusively used in cleanroom environments. Particle counters are used to measure airborne particulates; cleanroom paper and pens are specifically designed for minimal particle generation. Other, more common products can be reconfigured or specially manufactured for use in cleanrooms, such as anti-static, chemical resistant, and ESD (electrostatic discharge) swabs, mops and cleaning supplies, and more.

Cleanroom Supply Providers

  • Blue Thunder Technologies is a leading resource for cleanroom supplies for controlled and critical environments. They supply a wide variety of quality cleanroom products from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers.