Investment Casting

Investment casting is one of the oldest metal forming techniques and involves using a wax pattern to create a ceramic mold. This molding method creates exact shapes and allows for thin walls and complex passageways and details that are harder or costlier to achieve using other casting methods.
Once the wax patterns are created, they are placed on a tree-like assembly and dipped into a series of fine-grained silica slurries to create a thick coating. After the coating dries the mold […]

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Mechanical Screening Equipment

Screening equipment is used to mechanically separate wet, granulated, or dry bulk materials. There are several types of machinery available including gyratory equipment, high-frequency vibrating equipment, Circle-throw vibrating equipment, and trommel screens. The equipment uses a combination of vibration, gravity, and electrostatic force to pass material through a screen, sorting the particles by size.
Screening equipment is used by a range of industries including mining, agriculture, forestry, recycling, pharmaceutical, food production, plastics manufacturing, and others.
Mechanical Screening Equipment Manufacturers & Providers

BM&M Screening […]

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Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps are a type of positive displacement pump used in low flow and low-pressure fluid pumping applications. The interior of a diaphragm pump contains a diagram that flexes from side to side with the application of compressed air or hydraulic fluid, creating a pumping action.  Diaphragm pumps work well with abrasive and corrosive substances and can operate dry without damaging the pump components. They are also self-priming and highly efficient.
Diaphragm Pump Manufacturers & Distributors
Maverick Pumps: is a distributor of […]

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Electronic Products

Electronic products include batteries,  AC/DC power supplies,  electrical circuits, sensors, alarms, and other products used to power and connect devices and equipment.
Electronic Product Manufacturers & Distributors

Daitron Incorporated is a contracted stocking distributor of electronic products including batteries, low-noise AC/DC power supplies, semiconductor and board level components, connectors, and more. The company’s diverse business divisions serve a broad range of industries including industrial, medical, semiconductor, solar cell, and others.

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Medical Instruments and Supplies

Medical suppliers provide parts and instruments used in the manufacturing of medical devices and equipment. These products include adhesives, screws, fasteners, IV products, electronic components, trauma kits, tubing, sterilization equipment, and much more. The manufacturing of these products must adhere to strict FDA regulations and often requires rigorous testing to ensure quality and prevent product failure.

Mahe Medical manufactures over 10,000 various ISO certified and FDA approved medical instruments and supplies for medical device companies. Their products are used in devices […]

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