Electromagnetic Brakes & Clutches

Electromagnetic (EM) brakes and clutches transmit torque mechanically and use electromagnetic force to slow down or stop motion. These motion control devices deliver high performance in a small, lightweight package, making them ideal for automation and weight-sensitive applications.
EM brakes and clutches are used across a broad range of high-cycle applications, including:

Printing and copying equipment
Packaging machinery
Food and beverage processing equipment
Manufacturing and assembly equipment

EM Brake and EM Clutch Suppliers

Miki Pulley manufactures high-precision EM brakes and EM clutches for motion control applications.  They […]

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HVAC/R Equipment & Services

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) refers to the systems used to heat and cool residential, commercial and industrial buildings. An “R,”  which stands for refrigeration, is sometimes added to the acronym (HVACR).
HVAC Equipment & Service Providers

Allison Mechanical, Inc.is a S.T.A.R certified HVACR contractor providing installation, maintenance and retrofit construction services in Southern California. They work with commercial and industrial buildings, health care facilities, government facilities and data centers. Their technicians are experiences and certified for all major mechanical systems […]

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Pallet Handling Equipment

Pallet handling equipment includes pallet inverters, positioners, dispensers, changers, lift tables, and other machinery used to move, handle, and store pallets. Having the right equipment on hand improves the safety and effectiveness of your operation.
Pallet Handling Equipment Suppliers

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment designs pallet transfer and materials handling equipment for the industrial sector. They offer standard solutions and create customized pallet inverters, exchangers, and more.

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Die Cutting

Die cutting is a fabrication process used to cut materials into a specific shape, either for prototypes or high-volume production of identical parts.
Various types of industrial equipment are used to precisely cut plastic, rubber, metal, wood, and composites into the desired shape and size, including:

Digital Die Cutting: Cuts materials precisely without using a metal-cast die. This equipment operates at faster speeds, requires less set-up, and is best for short run production.
Flatbed Die Cutting: Cuts materials with a steel rule die […]

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Spill Containment

Spill containment involves the use of barriers and drainage systems to prevent air, water, and land pollution or contamination from oil, chemicals, and other hazardous materials. The products and systems involved in spill containment are widely used in industrial and municipal applications for compliance with industry requirements and environmental protection standards.
Secondary containment also falls under this category and involves structures or systems used to contain potential leaks and spills from tanks, totes, or drums containing hazardous substances. These systems must […]

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