Medical Instruments and Supplies

Medical suppliers provide parts and instruments used in the manufacturing of medical devices and equipment. These products include adhesives, screws, fasteners, IV products, electronic components, trauma kits, tubing, sterilization equipment, and much more. The manufacturing of these products must adhere to strict FDA regulations and often requires rigorous testing to ensure quality and prevent product failure.

Mahe Medical manufactures over 10,000 various ISO certified and FDA approved medical instruments and supplies for medical device companies. Their products are used in devices […]

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Farming Products & Equipment

Dairyland Equipment of Menahga, Inc. supplies animal health products including non-organic, organic, and homeopathic options. They also carry livestock feeding and manure handling equipment for small and large farms.

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Custom Springs

Springs are mechanical devices, typically made of metal, that store mechanical energy. They come in a variety of forms including compression, torsion,  extension, constant force, and others. The shape can be coiled (helical) or flat and they are used in everything from garage doors and mechanical equipment, to electronics devices and writing instruments.

Silicon Valley Spring designs and manufactures custom springs and wire forms for use in high performance and high temperature applications. They work with a broad range of standard, specialized […]

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Industrial PC’s

An Industrial PC is a computer that is intended for industrial purposes. These can include goods and services, production, or complex systems programs. Industrial PC’s have increased dependability over consumer PC’s and are generally more powerful and come with a variety of different options. They are also detailed with complex instruction sets and are meant for users with vast knowledge of the programs that are utilized within the PC.
Industrial PC Manufacturers

Hysutron, LLC is an industry leading manufacturer of inductrial PC’s and has […]

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Adhesion Promoter/Adhesion Primer

An adhesion promoter or adhesion primer is a type of chemical treatment specially formulated to improve the strength and performance of an adhesive. Adhesion promoters and primers are most beneficial when using tapes, but are also useful when using epoxies and other liquid adhesives.
A variety of adhesion primers and adhesion promoters exist, with unique formulas available for  use with various substrate materials. Special formulations are available for use with plastics like polypropylene, polyethylene, and ABS, metals and painted metals, glass, […]

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