Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum die casting is the process of forcing molten aluminum metal under high pressure into a mold. This mold is constructed of two machined steel parts known as a die. The die casting process is very similar to injection molding and allows for mass production of aluminum parts with complex shapes within very close tolerances.
Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers

Deeco Metals is your first source for quality aluminum die casting services.  Deeco Metals provides premium quality custom forging, extrusion and die casting services […]

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Polyethylene Plastic Tubing

Polyethylene plastic tubing is also commonly known as PE tubing or poly tubing. It offers high stress crack resistance, chemical resistance, and puncture resistance, and is impermeable to moisture and gasses. PE tubing is typically very flexible, light weight, and extremely strong. It is ideal for fluid handling and other low pressure applications.
Polyethylene is the most common of all plastics, existing in myriad varieties. It is a thermoplastic polymer consisting of long hydrocarbon chains. It is highly resistant to chemicals, […]

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Plastic Tubing

Most often used in the dental, medical, industrial, pneumatic, robotic, electronics, and food industries, plastic tubing is used to transport fluids and harsh chemicals, house electronic and robotic wiring, and perform a variety of other uses. Plastic tubing is made from quality materials such as PVC, nylon, polyethylene, and polyurethane. It is generally very durable and can be flexible or rigid, soft and ductile, corrosion resistant, or have any of a number of other qualities, depending on application. Plastic tubing […]

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Commercial & Industrial Scales & Calibration

Virtually all industries use scales for precise weighing of products, inventory, and even transport vehicles. From weighting pharmaceutical ingredients to ensuring shipments don’t exceed weight limits, scales are an essential tool of production and transport.
Regular calibration of medical and industrial scales is imperative to maintain accuracy. While this service can be performed in-house by an experienced technician, companies often rely on 3rd part services for scale calibration and repair.
Commercial & Industrial Scale Suppliers & Services

Precision Solutions, Inc. provides scale calibration […]

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Modular Cleanrooms

A modular cleanroom is a type of portable or temporary cleanroom. It offers all the benefits of a traditional cleanroom—HEPA-filtered and recirculating air flow, carefully controlled temperature and humidity, static control, etc.—but is easier to install, as it requires no “permanent” construction. Modular cleanrooms can be quickly assembled onsite, and are typically designed for easy expansion and relocation.
A hardwall modular cleanroom.A hardwall modular […]

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