Tube Bending

Tube Bending is a metal forming process used to permanently form pipes or tubing into a specific shape. Using a bending machine, straight tube stock can be formed into a variety of single- or multiple-bended shapes to created the desired form. Round stock is generally used in tube bending, though square and rectangular tubes and pipes can also be bent to meet project specifications. A number of different processes can be used to bend tubing into the desired shape, including […]

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Stainless Steel Stamping

Stainless steel stamping uses the deep drawn metal stamping process to form stainless steel sheet metal with a punch and die. The sheet metal is fed into the metal stamping press and progressively formed by a punch that stamps the metal into a die. Complex and even asymmetrical shapes can be created via stainless steel stamping.
Stainless Steel Stamping Manufacturers

R.P. Luce and Company is your source for custom metal stampings. Whether you are searching for standard or custom metal stampings, washers, […]

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Metal Stampings

Metal stampings are three-dimensional parts made from sheet metal that has been progressively formed through the mechanical action of a die forming the metal around a punch. In addition to forming the parts, the stamping process also work hardens the metal, resulting in a finished product that is stronger than the base material. The resulting parts are seamless and can be simple or complex, symmetrical or asymmetrical.
Metal stamping is one of the leading manufacturing industries in theUnited States. In 2007, […]

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Deep Drawn Parts

Deep drawn parts

Deep drawn parts are parts that are manufactured using the deep drawn metal stamping process, where a punch and die are used to progressively stamp sheet metal into a finished part. A part is generally considered deep drawn when the depth of the part is at least 1 1/2 times the diameter of the part — parts with […]

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Custom Forging

Custom forging is typically associated with the open die forging process and refers to forging metals for custom parts. Custom forging is often used for short runs, prototypes, and very large specialized equipment including massive crankshafts, in which strength and fatigue resistance is desirable.
Custom Forging Manufacturers

With over 35 years of custom metal service experience, Deeco Metals offers you reliability and quality for high-performance custom machined forgings. As a global supplier for OEMs, they can create custom machined forgings that meet […]

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