Custom Battery Packs

Battery packs are used in products ranging from consumer goods to aviation equipment. The chemistries used in custom battery packs typically include nickel cadmium, lithium ion, alkaline, and lithium. OEMs turn to customization to support specific product needs and ensure compliance with industry standards.
Custom Battery Pack Providers

Alexander Battery Technologies designs and engineers custom battery packs, chargers, and battery management systems for industrial, medical, and mission-critical applications. The company holds ISO certifications as part of their commitment to quality and safety.

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Industrial Sewing Supplies

Industrial sewing supplies are used by clothing manufacturers, mattress factories, binderies, and other businesses that utilize large-scale sewing machines and equipment.  These products include domestic and industrial sewing machine needles, sewing machine parts, scissors, chemicals, lubricants, and other supplies needed for large-scale sewing operations. Types of industrial sewing equipment include:

Industrial Sewing Machines
Book Binding Machines
Mattress Machines
Industrial Quilting Machines

Industrial Sewing Supply Manufacturers & Distributors

Diamond Needle Corp. is a distributor of industrial sewing supplies, including ORGAN needles, sewing machine parts, scissors, and more. […]

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Timing Belts

Timing belts synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft in engines to maintain valve timing. The belts are made from reinforced rubber and feature a series of “teeth” that rotate the shaft. Timing belts provide a more lightweight and economical alternative to timing chains and are more effective at minimizing noise and vibration. The belts are, however, less durable than a metal timing chain.
While most commonly associated with automotive applications, timing belts are used in a variety of equipment […]

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Automotive Accessories

Automotive accessories are used to embellish the interior or exterior of a vehicle and include custom fit and standard fit audio components, seat covers, mirrors, steering wheel covers, dash covers, window tint systems.
Automotive Accessory Manufacturers and Providers

Unique Auto Boutique sells custom fit automotive accessories, including floor mats. steering wheel covers, and license plate frames for cars, trucks, and SUVs. The majority of the products they offer are made in the U.S.A.

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Pipe and Bolt Threading Machines

Pipe and bolt threading machines are used to create threaded ends on bolts and connecting pipes.
Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine Suppliers

Oster Manufacturing Company has over 125 of experience producing pipe and bolt threading machines for the fire sprinkler fabrication and anchor bolt manufacturing industries. The company offers new and refurbished machines and builds custom machines for non-standard threading applications.

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