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Yellow/Gold UV Blocking Lamp

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A yellow/gold UV blocking lamp is designed to protect people and products from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The most common form of yellow/gold UV blocking lamps utilize special filters to absorb UV light and radiation.

Yellow/Gold UV Blocking Lamp Providers: 

  • Encapsulite develops, manufactures, and distributes high quality fluorescent light and lamp products, including yellow/gold UV blocking lamps. They provide an array of industrial, commercial, and decorative lighting solutions for use in a wide range of industries. 

General Information on Yellow/Gold UV Blocking Lamps

Ultraviolet rays from the sun and from artificial lighting pose dangers to both people and products. UV radiation can cause a number of health problems in humans, including skin and eye maladies. UV rays can harm products by causing fading of colors, the breakdown of organic materials, and gradual, but lasting, damage to fibers and base materials. Fluorescent lights don’t produce UV rays as powerful as those produced by the sun, but over time they can cause the same ill effects. Yellow/gold UV blocking lamps use filters to absorb the harmful rays and radiation produced by fluorescent lights. These filters are most often made from specialty polyester materials which block ultraviolet rays while still allowing light to pass through. This material is generally yellow/gold, but can also be found in other colors. Yellow/gold UV blocking lamps can utilize bulbs with built-in filters, or the filters can be added to existing fluorescent lights.