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YAG Laser Marking

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What is A YAG laser?

A YAG laser is a type of solid state laser that utilizes yttrium aluminum garnet as a lasing medium. Crystalline YAG is generally doped with around 1% neodymium to replace a small fraction of yttrium ions and to provide better lasing activity. YAG lasers are one of the more common types of laser. YAG lasers can be optically pumped with laser diodes or flashtubes, and can by operated in continuous or pulsed modes—pulsed YAG laser media generally contains significantly more neodymium dopant that continuous YAG media. They typically emit light within a 1064 nm wavelength, though some transitions do occur near 940, 1120, 1320, and 1440 nm. Output powers of up to 250 megawatts have been achieved with YAG lasers.

YAG Laser Marking

YAG lasers can be used to add permanent markings and/or engravings to metal and plastic parts. The lasers' power density is carefully adjusted depending on the material to be marked, and focused on the material's surface, where energy from the laser beam reacts with the surface to create lettering, company logos, or nearly any other design that may be required. Laser movement is generally computer controlled to ensure precision and accuracy for sharp, easily visible markings. In addition to adding engravings and etchings, laser marking can also be used to anneal metal surfaces, remove material coatings such as aluminum anodizing, change the color of plastics, and perform other unique tasks.

YAG Laser Marking Providers:

  • Arrow Cryogenics provides YAG laser marking services, as well as UV and green laser marking. The Blaine, Minnesota-based company also offers deflashing, deburring, and other surface finishing services.