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Water Jet Cutting

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Water Jet cutting is a method of cutting metal with no heat. As the name suggests highly pressurized water is used to slice metal into the desired shape. Water jet cutting provides extreme accuracy and burr-free parts. The automotive, racing and architectural industries employ water jet cutting techniques to create attractive and precise metal parts.

Water Jet Cutting Solution Providers

  • CMS North America provides machining equipment and solutions, including water jet cutting solutions throughout the contract manufacturing industry. The CMS North America site also provides water jet cutting technological overviews including material types that are suitable for water jet cutting and water jet quality index.
  • Delmar Company Delmar Company provides quality plastic fabrication and machining production for many advanced industries. Their plastic production services are completed in-house at their state-of-the-art facility located in Lakeville, Minnesota. A few of their services include waterjet cutting, plastic welding, and prototype machining.
  • Industrial Metal Supply not only sells metal materials, they also offer full-service water jet cutting to give customers products that match their specifications.
  • Fedtech Waterjet Cutting Minnesota.

Water Jet Cutting Advantages

Waterjet cutting offers many advantages over more traditional cutting techniques. The primary advantage of waterjet cutting is that the process does not product high levels of