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Wastewater Treatment Systems

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Not all waste water is similar. It may be that the waste water from your industrial application is comparatively clean, but not quite right for discharge into the environment. Or you may be dealing with a high level of pollution, as may be the case with civic sewage systems. Waste Water: Relatively strict environmental laws control the levels of contamination in the effluent from most industrial and civic sources. These laws ensure safe treatment and disposal of waste waters worldwide. There are many different types of waste water treatment processes. Each process is meant to produce water that can be recycled to industrial applications or disposed of safely. Prior to choosing and designing the treatment operations, it will likely be necessary to obtain a proper laboratory analysis to identify the character and amounts of each significant contaminant. Once those are known, the manufacturer may assist you to select the best and most economical treatment system. They will plan, design, fabricate and construct your complete waste water treatment facility. Sewage Treatment Plants: Treatment of sewage is a special case and the proper design of such plants requires identification of certain parameters, including but not limited to: Daily Flow Rates Hours of Use Type and Make-up of the Sewage Grease and Oil Content BOD - Biological Oxygen Demand COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand T.S.S. - Total Suspended Solids pH - measurement of acidity or alkalinity Temperature Average Size of Particulate Solids Odor and Available Area for Plant Area Available for Disposal of Waste Sludge and Others. Your answers about these parameters will help determine the type of sewage treatment plant you will need. Depending on the need, the plants may be packaged units, single or multiple tanks or a combination designed for your specific needs and available construction area.

Wastewater Treatment System Companies

United Industries Group, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of liquid storage and dry bulk storage for industrial applications. For design, manufacturing, and installation of storage tanks and wastewater treatment systems, contact UIG!