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Vertical Machining Center

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A Vertical Machining Center refers to a CNC milling machine in which the spindle, or cutting device, is vertically oriented. A simple way of picturing the vertical machining center is to picture a standard drill press, in which the drill bit itself is vertically oriented. In a modern vertical machining center the workholding surface itself is capable of movement in addition to the mill spindle.

Vertical Machining Center Manuacturers

CMS North America: provider of advanced machining equipment including CNC mills and routers. CMS North America is a leading vertical machining center manufacturer offering 5-axis CNC machining center soluitons. CMS North America has led the way in machining equipment innovation, starting with 5-axis machining and continuing with vertical machining center innovation today.

Vertical Machining Center Mill

Vertical machining centers operate with a vertically oriented spindle, similar to a drill press. Like the drill press, the cutting spindle of a vertical machining center rotates at high speed and is usually capable of moving up or down to perform drilling or plunge cuts. However, modern vertical machining centers prov