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UV Laser Marking

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What Is A UV Laser?

A UV laser is any laser that emits light in the ultraviolet (UV) range. This can include gas lasers, laser diodes, and solid-state lasers, as well as the specialized excimer lasers used for LASIK eye surgery and other intricate tasks. Nitrogen gas lasers excite nitrogen molecules electronically to emit UV beams with wavelengths between 337.1 nm and 357.6 nm. Wavelengths up to 375 nm can be created by direct UV-emitting laser diodes. These diodes typically incorporate lithium-strontium-aluminum-fluoride doped cerium crystals. DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state) lasers can generate UV beams with wavelengths as short as 262 nm.

UV Laser Marking

Using UV lasers, permanent markings and/or engravings can be added to metal and plastic parts. The power density of the laser is carefully adjusted depending on the material being marked. When focused on the material’s surface, energy from the laser beam reacts with the surface to produce lettering, diagrams, company logos, or other designs. Laser movement is computer controlled to provide the precision and accuracy needed for sharp, easily visible markings. Laser marking can also be used to remove existing material coatings such as aluminum anodizing, to anneal metal surfaces, to change the color of plastics, and to perform numerous other specialized tasks.

UV Laser Marking Providers

  • Doctor UV is your leading resource for UV laser marking equipment sales, service and repair. We stock TriStar UV laser marking systems that create permanent “printing” on rubber, plastic, Teflon, and other substrates. These devices alter the chemical makeup of the material to provide indelible lettering, numbering, or other notation without affecting the structure or function of the material itself.