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Twist Ties

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Twist ties are small lengths of this wire encased in plastic or paper, and used to hold closed the openings of bags. Twist ties are commonly used to hold closed bread bags, for example. Twist ties aren't actually tied, but instead the two ends of the twist tie are twisted together. The metal core of the twist tie holds its shape when twisted, sealing the bag without any knots needed, and in a way that's easy to release.

Twist Tie Suppliers

  • SupplyPlaza is an online shopping center offering twist ties for business and home use, including write-on twist ties that contain a flag that can be labeled with marker, pen, or pencil. SupplyPlaza offers twist ties for sale in quantities smaller than those usually found online, yet still at competitive prices.
The primary advantages of twist ties over other methods of closure -- including adhesives or knotted string -- is the resusability of twist ties combined with the ease of opening. With a twist tie, it's very easy to open a bag and then re-seal the bag with the twist tie. Twist ties come with a variety of outer coatings that cover the core wire. Paper is used in some cases, but most uses demand either water-resistant coated paper or a plastic coating so that the covering of the twist tie doesn't shed when wet -- a common situation with fruits and vegetables. Another feature of some specific twist ties is the write-on twist tie. This tie has a large square writing surface on the end of the twist tie, making the un-tied twist tie look like a flag. This flag area can be used for labeling, and is often used in merchandizing to tie closed bags of small products (candy, produce, etc) and label the write-on surface with the price or weight of the product. In this way write-on twist ties serve dual functions and enable sellers to stock only one item (the twist tie) rather than the tie and a separate label.