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Twist Tie Machine

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A twist tie machine automatically applies and installs twist ties. They can be used to add twist tie seals to product packaging, such as bags, or to bundle individual products, such as coiled or wound cable. Many twist tie machines are capable of tying up to 60 ties per minute or more, providing improved packaging productivity in any application. Though all twist tie machines perform differently, in general, these devices provide the following benefits:
  • Fast and precise twist tie installation
  • More secure (often airtight) seals on bagged products
  • Easy portability to bring the machine to anywhere it’s needed
  • Accommodate multiple types of twist tie spools for a variety of packaging needs
A Plas-Ties Tie-Matic HD38 twist tie machine. A Plas-Ties Tie-Matic HD38 twist tie machine.

Twist Tie Machine Manufacturers

  • Plas-Ties designs and manufactures a full line of twist tie machines, including vertical and horizontal models with self-adjusting capabilities and all met