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Tubing Couplings

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A tubing coupling, also known as a tube coupler, is a short length of tubing with a socket at one or both ends. These sockets allow two tubes to be joined, allowing the medium transported by the tubing to flow from one piece into the other smoothly. Tube couplers can be used to provide permanent or temporary connections between tubes. Temporary couplings are sometimes designed for fast and easy installation and removal; these specialty couplers are referred to as “quick connect couplings.” Tubing couplings are generally constructed of metal or plastic, depending on the application. Plastic couplers are often made of ABS, PTFE, acetal, polypropylene, or other specialty materials. Metal tubing couplings are usually made from stainless steel, zinc, or brass, often with a chrome plating. Similar devices, called pipe couplings or pipe couplers, are used for metal piping (tubing) in plumbing and other applications that req