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Totten Tubes, Inc.

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500 Danlee Street
Azusa, CA 91702
Phone: 800-882-3748
Fax: 626-812-0013

Totten Tubes Company Profile

Totten Tubes, Inc. is America’s most diverse and specialized steel tube and steel pipe company. With five locations on the west coast and an extensive and impressive inventory of steel tubing including square, rectangular, round and jumbo steel tubes in structural and mechanical grades. Whether you need standard or hard-to-find sizes, Totten Tubes has the steel tube and pipe for nearly every industry application. With a highly experienced staff, the company has been specializing in service since 1955. They provide best-in-class processing for all their steel pipe and steel tube products, including laser cutting, saw cutting, bending, and more. Totten Tubes’ processing capabilities save their customers time, money, and headaches.  Their fleet of trucks enables them to find and deliver materials anywhere in their service area within just a few days. They can deliver the steel tube or steel pipe you need directly to your jobsite, on-time to meet your schedule. Based in Azusa, California, Totten Tubes serves clients across the entire West Coast of North America, with five locations on the West Coast including Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California, Phoenix, the Pacific Northwest/Canada, and Mexico.

Steel Tube Products and Services

  • Square tubing
  • Rectangular tubing
  • Round tubing
  • Steel Pipe
  • Jumbo HSS
  • Laser cutting
  • Custom Tubing Services
  • And More
Totten Tubes is a premium domestic distributor of structural steel tube for an extensive range of ind