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A thermocouple is a specialized device, comprised of two different electrical conductors which create electrical junctions at different temperatures. As a result of the thermoelectric effect, thermocouples produce temperature-dependent voltage; properly interpreted, this voltage can be used to measure temperature. Because of this, thermocouples are commonly used as temperature sensors. Widely used in science and industry, thermocouples can be utilized to measure temperatures in kilns, turbines, engines, and the like. They are also employed in homes, offices, etc. as temperature sensors in thermostats. Thermocouples can usually be categorized into one of eight types (K, J, N, R, S, B, T, and E). In general, the simpler a thermocouple’s design and construction is, the better. Ideally, each different type of thermocouple would be characterized by a precise E(T) curve, independent of other details; however, in practice, thermocouples are affec