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Temperature Transmitters & Controllers

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Transmitters & Controllers Ensure Temperature Sensor Functionality

Temperature transmitters and temperature controllers can be seamlessly integrated with sensors to create a temperature measurement and control system for a variety of processes. Transmitters provide the capacity to send measurement information from a sensor to a monitoring location in a form that can be recognized by control equipment. Controllers take input from sensors or transmitters and translate the data into process actions that can be used to maintain or alter temperatures.

Temperature Transmitter & Controller Manufacturers

  • Durex Industries manufactures temperature controllers ranging from standard off-the-shelf models to custom configurations that incorporate time, temperature, motion, speed, pressure, and humidity for OEM applications.
  • Minco is a global manufacturer of instruments for accurate control, including temperature transmitters & controllers. For over fifty years, this company has been providing critical components and assemblies for a variety of industrial and commercial products and processes. Minco also manufactures a diverse line of flexible heaters, flex circuits, and sensors.
  • Therm-x manufactures and supplies various types of high-performance