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Tantalum Coatings

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Tantalum coatings are a type of industrial coating, commonly used for surface refurbishment purposes. It provides numerous benefits when used as a surface coating, including superconductivity, higher temperature oxidation resistance, and high corrosion resistance. Tantalum coatings are usually applied via high pressure cold spray processes. This method produces a dense, oxide free coating microstructure without phase changes. Completed tantalum coatings can be heat treated, if required, for enhanced hardness and wear resistance.

Chemistry of Tantalum

Tantalum is a hard, rare transition metal with the atomic number 73 and chemical symbol Ta. It is part of the refractory metals group, many of which are used as minor components in alloy materials. Tantalum is chemically inert, dense, ductile, very hard, highly conductive of heat and electricity, and easily fabricated. It is highly resistant to corrosion by acids and similar chemicals. Tantalum's very high melting point (3017°C) is bested only by tungsten, rhenium, osmium, and carbon.

Tantalum Coating Providers

  • ASB Industries, Inc., is a leading provider of tantalum coatings for all industries and applications. The Barberton, Ohio-based company offers a wide variety of innovative, efficient, effective industrial surface coatings which can be customized to meet customers' unique requirements.