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Supply Lines

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The term “supply line” can be used to refer to a travel route over which supplies and/or other products are delivered. However, in the realm of industrial products and services, supply lines are lengths of metal or plastic tubing used to transfer fluids or gases from one part of a system, often a pressure vessel or other storage tank, to another. In addition to the tubing itself, complete supply line setups frequently include fittings, valves, flanges, and other components. Common supply line applications include: • Propane fireplaces: Supply lines are used to transfer propane or natural gas from a tank outside the house to the pilot light or burners in an indoor gas fireplace. Stainless steel tubing is often used for this purpose. • Laser equipment: Tubing is used to circulate chilled water through laser setups to reduce the internal temperature of this equipment. Copper tubing is ideal for this application. • Industrial engines: Supply lines are used to deliver fresh oil and remove used oil from large industrial engines. Steel tubing is commonly used for oil supply lines.

Supply Line Providers

Triad Products Corp. is a leader in tube bending services and supplying tube materials. The company specializes in bending metal tubing for