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Storage Silos

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Storage Silos

Smooth Wall Silos: Smooth wall silos can be used for a large range of dry bulk products. They can be made on legs with hopper bottoms or skirted with supporting walls that extend to the ground. Conveyor systems can be included to transport the product to the bagging stations, to rail or truck loading facilities or to other application or storage areas. This type of silo can be of welded or bolted construction.

Corrugated Silo: Corrugated silos are made with bolted panels and can be equipped with a liner to accommodate liquid storage. This style of silos can be made with the designs described above, though they are somewhat more limited in their use. For materials that tend to clump together or are otherwise not smooth-flowing, the corrugated surfaces may trap particles. However, when used for free-flowing materials, corrugated silos offer the advantage of being less expensive than smooth wall versions.

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