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Stone CNC Machining

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Stone CNC machining is a computer-controlled manufacturing process in which a computer program determines a set of actions that machining equipment will perform to cut, drill, bevel and otherwise shape stone. Stone CNC machining requires slightly different equipment than standard CNC machining, and different spindles and components are needed to deal with different kinds of stone.

Stone CNC Machine Manufacturers

  • CMS North America: an industry leading manufacturer of machining equipment and complete machining center solutions. CMS North America makes the world leading CNC Stone machines and related stone cutting equipment and accessories, including CNC mills, 2, 4 and 5 axis CNC machines as well as custom stone CNC machines.

CNC Stone Applications

Stone CNC is used throughout numerous industries and is a very common use of CNC machining technology. While what is thought of as more standard CNC machining within the industrial manufacturing market typically involves machining metal for the creation of custom parts and products, stone CNC machining is often used to directly create consumer end products. Furthermore, many industrial machine shops take advantage of stone CNC machining technology to add to the scope of work that they can do, since the machine shops are already staffed with worker familiar with CNC machining technology. Adding CNC stone machining to the mix is an easy way for machine shops to expand their potential business. Among the common applications of CNC stone machining are:
  • Counter Tops for residential kitchens, as well as counter tops for commercial buildings and restaurants. Attractive stone such as marble and granite are often CNC machined to fit the appropriate area.
  • Stone Fountains are created via stone CNC machining
  • Stone Benches are also created via stone CNC machining, often making use of waste stone from other CNC stone machining projects
  • Showers & Enclosures are created via CNC stone machining, including shower bases that are machined from marble or other attractive stones.