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Not to be confused with a conflict in stalemate, a standoff is a threaded separator of specified length that is used to raise and hold one assembly above another. Standoffs are perhaps most frequently used to raise a printed circuit board (PCB) away from the interior surface of the electronic device in which it’s installed, such as a laptop computer. Insulating standoffs prevent two electrically-wired parts from touching each other (thus preventing shorts). Nylon standoffs (circled) Nylon standoffs (circled) Usually round or hexagonal in shape (to facilitate tightening with a wrench), standoffs can be manufactured from a broad array of materials, such as aluminum brass, or nylon. Male-female and female-female configurations are the most common styles.

Standoff Suppliers

  • Empire Bolt & Screw provides standard and custom standoffs and electronics hardware for a variety of industries and applications.  Standoff and spacer features include hex, round, swaged, and unswaged options in metal and nylon.
  • Value Fastener is a leading provider of standoffs for commercial and military applications. Their inventory includes both hex and round standoffs in a variety of materials in both common configurations.
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