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Smart Safe

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A smart safe is a high-tech, automated cash handling system designed for retail and other commercial applications. Some of the more advanced smart safe models can accept and dispense employee tills or cash drawers, both paper money and coins. They can also distribute change, and automatically prepare daily bank deposits. Most smart safes operate on simple, user friendly software, making it easy to run real time reports, balances, and audits. Smart safes generally feature keyboard-driven or touchscreen operator interfaces, a printer for preparing bank deposit paperwork, and two separate safe boxes (one for accepting cash drawers or tills and one for dispensing them), each with a differently keyed or combinationed lock. Most smart safes are designed to be stationary, though some models do include casters for movement.Smart Safe Example

Smart Safe Providers

  • SoCal Safe, the nation's leading provider of safes and cash management systems, offers MIMO SoCal Safes - Smart Safe, giving their customers a revolutionary solution for their cash handling needs.