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Shatterproof Safety Lamps

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Shatterproof safety lamps are a form of fluorescent light bulbs that are covered with a specialty coating that helps prevent breakage. In the event of breakage, the coating on shatterproof safety lamps can help contain the resulting glass shards, as well as phosphors, mercury, and other incidental chemical elements within the bulbs themselves.

Shatterproof Safety Lamp Manufacturers: 

  • Encapsulite is an industry leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of high quality fluorescent light and lamp products. The company provides a range of commercial, industrial, and decorative lighting solutions for use in nearly any application, including shatterproof safety lamps.

More on Shatterproof Safety Lamps

Currently, shatterproof safety lamps are available with one of two unique coatings: FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene, a type of fluorocarbon plastic) Teflon® coating or PC co-polymer coating. FEP Teflon® coated shatterproof safety lamps can be used in open or closed fixtures. This type of coating transmits maximum UV levels, and exhibits superb chemical sensitivity and resistance. The coating is designed not to yellow or crack, regardless of age or hours of use. PC co-polymer coated shatterproof safety lamps are designed for use with open fixtures only. This coating block all UV below 380 nanometers, and the bulbs can be used in High Output and Very High Output operations. Shatterproof safety lamps are generally available in the same standard sizes as regular fluorescent light bulbs.