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Sewer Jetters

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The Sewer Jetter is a plumbing maintenance tool that is used to clear and clean sewer lines and pipes using focused hydraulic pressure. The average Sewer Jetter consists of three distinct parts:
  1. A flexible line (referred to as a “jetter hose”) through which water can be pumped at high pressures;
  2. A specialized nozzle that directs the pressurized water to move the hose along a pipe while removing debris and cleaning the walls of the pipe;
  3. A water source that can be controlled to accommodate varying degrees of high pressure washing.
Sewer Jetters are available in varying sizes ranging from small portable units to larger models that must be attached to a truck, trailer, van or skid mount for increased pressure capabilities. Also known as sewer jets, drain jetters, drain jets, trailer jetters, trailer jets.  

Sewer Jetter Manufacturers

Cam Spray is a manufacturer of drain and sewer jetters, including . They offer trailer mounted (trailer jets), van mounted, pick up mounted, and skid mounted sewer jetters. Cam Spray offers custom design and manufacturing, as well as private labeling.  

Sewer Jetting Process

This video by Cam Spray shows how a sewer line looks before and after being cleaned.