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Roll Coating

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Roll coating in a variation of thermal spray coating specifically designed for applying coatings to industrial machinery rolls. Numerous manufacturing industries, such as steel and paper processing, require unique surfaces on their rolls; others need corrosion- or wear-resistant coatings to extend working life and reduce maintenance needs. All parameters of the roll coating can be modified to better suit the given application. Roll coatings, like other thermal spray coatings, can significantly improve the performance and durability of equipment, particularly in work environments that frequently encounter high temperatures, abrasive contact, corrosive atmospheres or liquids, and other potential hazards. Roll coatings can be post-treated in a number of ways, including sealing and oxide layering, to further improve the performance of the coated surface. Thermal spray roll coatings can also be used to return worn parts to their original dimensions. A range of materials can be used effectively for roll coating