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Quick Couplings

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Quick couplings, also known as “quick connects,” are designed for the fast and easy connection and disconnection of gas or fluid transfer tubing. These hand operated devices can take the place of flanged or threaded connectors, which typically require wrenches or other tools for proper installation and, therefore, are neither as quick nor simple to use. Quick couplings can help eliminate spills, increasing safety in the work environment. They also reduce the downtime required for service, maintenance, and/or replacement. From underwater drilling and space exploration to food service and medical devices to chemical management and beyond, quick couplings find use in a wide array of industries and applications. As they are generally of solid, single-piece construction, quick couplings are easy to operate and maintain. Quick couplings made by made from any of a number of materials, including plastics such as PTFE, ABS, PVDF, polypropylen