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Quick Connects

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Quick connects, also commonly referred to as “quick connect fittings,” provide fast, easy connections for fluid and gas transfer lines. Quick connects are designed to be operated by hand and take the place of flanged or threaded connectors, which require wrenches for installation and therefore require more time and effort in the process. Use of quick connects helps eliminate spills, reduce downtime for service and maintenance, and increase safety in work environments. Quick connect fittings are used in a broad spectrum of applications, from food service, medical devices, and chemical management to underwater drilling, space exploration, and beyond. In general, quick connect fittings are easy to operate and simple to maintain, as they are most often of solid, single-piece construction. Quick connects are usually made from either plastic materials, such as PTFE, ABS, acetal, PVDF, polypropylene, and other engineered plastics, or metal, such as stainl