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Parylene Conformal Coating

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Parylene Conformal Coating 
213 Chestnut St.
Johnstown, PA 15005
Phone: 1 (814) 535-3505

Company Overview
Diamond MT is proud to offer Global Subcontract Parylene and Liquid Conformal Coating. Conformal Coating systems are available, including selective spray robots and dip machines with low, medium, or high volume capacity. Cleaning and ionic contamination testing are also available. There is 100% inspection of completed products, and they offer dedicated services within customer facilities, as required. They are qualified with automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, and defense companies globally.

Product Overview
  • Parylene Coating
  • Parylene Conformal Coating
  • Epoxy Conformal Coating
  • Acrylic Resin Conformal Coating