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Medical Coatings

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Medical coatings are specialized surface treatments used to preserve the anodic coating on aluminum medical instruments. Reusable medical devices, such as stethoscopes, surgical carts, and operating room fixtures, are constantly cleaned and sterilized, so as to preserve the absolute cleanliness required in hospital and health care settings. The cleaning agents used to sterilize, disinfect, and clean these instruments are generally quite potent. Over time, the chemicals in these cleaning agents can break down the protective coating on medical and surgical instruments made from anodized aluminum. An effective medical coating will protect aluminum medical and surgical devices from corrosion and discoloration, and will help the material maintain the beneficial attributes afforded it by the sulfuric acid anodizing process. A medical coating of this caliber can substantially extend the working life of aluminum medical instruments.

Medical Coatings Providers: 

  • Microlox’s patented aluminum oxide coating creates a micro-crystalline barrier to protect anodized aluminum surfaces. Microlox is ideally suited for use as a medical coating.
  • Doctor UV has developed and maintains a large inventory of high quality UV adhesives, UV coatings, and UV inks since 1987. These products are designed to be cured under UV lamps and provide long lasting performance. They are leaders in UV adhesives and UV coatings for the medical industry.