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Maney Wire & Cable

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Maney Wire & Cable, Inc.
3959 East Guasti Road, Unit E
Ontario, CA 91761
Toll Free: 877-4MY-WIRE
Phone: 909-230-4900
Fax: 909-230-4905 

Company Profile
Established March 1, 1986, Maney Wire & Cable, Inc., started out as a wholesale electrical wire and cable distributor. Customer need drove the company to expand to become a premier distributor of a full line of wholesale electrical products, from wire and cable to terminals and connectors to clamps, clips, accessories, and more. With millions of feet of inventory space in multiple locations and an ever-expanding product line that currently encompasses over 7,000 individual products, Maney Wire & Cable is equipped to provide efficient service and quality products for customers throughout North America.

Maney Wire & Cable’