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Machining Equipment

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Within the industrial market Machining Equipment typically refers to the kinds of CNC machines used in machine shops. This kind of machining equipment can vary wildly in complexity and automation and typically includes horizontal and vertical machining centers, multi-axis CNC machines and CNC mills and routers. Machining equipment can be suitable for large high volume production facilities or for smaller mom & pop style machine shops.

CNC Machining Equipment Manufacturers

CMS North America: a leading manufacturer of machining equipment for machining centers, including horizontal and vertical machining centers. CMS North America manufactures machining equipment suitable for a range of machining materials, including wood, stone, glass, metals and other advanced materials. Machining equipment ranges from CNC mills and CNC routers to full 5-axis machining centers.

Tormach LLC: provider of benchtop CNC machining units for use in small scale production and product innovation. Tormach specializes in the manufacturing of customized personal CNC (PCNC) machines with precision tooling and a variety of milling accessories.

CNC Machining Equipment Types

Machining equipment refers to large machines that are used to cut, beve