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Lead Glass / X-Ray Glass

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Lead glass, also called x-ray glass, radiation shielding glass or leaded glass, is often used for creating barriers or windows to contain radiation sources. Lead glass can be used for viewing windows in stationary or portable wall x-ray barriers, as well as for windows in doors. Nuclear plants and industrial companies facilities commonly use lead glass to protect workers from over exposure to radiation sources. Medical and dental facilities use lead glass in x-ray control booths, radiation therapy rooms, mammography rooms, and laboratories to protect workers and patients.

Lead Glass Manufacturers

Lead Glass Properties

In lead glass the calcium content of standard glass is replaced with lead. This infusion of lead raises the refractive index of the glass as well as lowering the working temperature. The high weight of lead raises the density of lead glass. Lead glass is often used for its decorative advantages in addition to the safety features that lead glass offers for x-ray protection. Often erroneously referred to as "lead crystal" (glass cannot be crystalline) lead glass dishes and decanters were once highly sought after due to the heightened refractive index and dispersion of the lead glass, which allowed cutting technique to generate a brilliant sparkling effect. The popularity of lead glass in drinking glasses and decanters has declined greatly from it's height among European nobility, especially since it i