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Lab Furnaces

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A lab furnace is a specialized type of oven used in laboratories and research facilities to heat samples for testing purposes. Most lab furnaces are capable of extremely high temperatures, up to 1100°C or hotter. A lab furnace typically includes a number of special features not found in an ordinary furnace or oven. Many models incorporate low mass ceramic fiber construction that helps retain heat inside the work chamber while remaining (relatively) cool on the outside for operator safety. Double outer shell construction also helps maintain safe external temperatures. The specialty ceramic fibers also help laboratory furnaces maintain heat uniformity throughout the work chamber through the duration of the heat testing process. Specially constructed heating elements are commonly used to quickly and efficiently raise the work chamber to the desired temperature (“standard” heating coils would take so long to reach the necessary high temps—several hours or more—as to render the oven essentially useless).

Lab Furnace Providers:

  • Carbolite, Inc., has been a leading manufacturer of industrial and laboratory ovens, furnaces, and other high-temperature equipment since 1938. The company offers lab furnaces in a wide range of sizes and configurati