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Kurt Workholding

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Kurt Workholding
9445 East River Road NW
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433
Phone: 763-574-8309 

Company Overview
Kurt Workholding is an advanced technology solutions provider of industry-standard Kurt Vises and workholding products across the country. Kurt vises quality and reliability have made them the industry standard for machining and other industrial applications. There is no other source of quality industrial vises in the market that can match the variety, precision, and reliability of Kurt vises. Kurt vises cover a wide array of varieties, each designed for specific industrial applications. From general purpose vises to high density vises to high precision single station vises, modular vises and an array of specialty vises, Kurt Workholding offers the best products in the industry. All Kurt Workholding products are original equipment and come with an Ironclad Warranty for the life of the product or part.

Kurt Workholding Products
  • Kurt Vises
  • Vise Accessories
  • Vice Replacement Parts
  • Power Drawbars
  • Hydraulic Clamping
  • High Precision Vise Stations