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48890 Milmont Drive, Suite 111D
Fremont, CA 94538

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Backed by advanced 3M™ technology, Katch rolls provide leak-proof liquid and mess protection. Whether you're a crafter, parent, lover of pets, or a mechanic, Katch rolls have you covered...literally. With a strong yet removable adhesive that sticks to any surface, Katch is your simple solution to keeping countertops, floors, walls, and carpets clean and protected. Simply wash your surface area, roll out, cut to your desired length, and stick. Once applied, Katch provides ultimate protection against paint, hot glue, water, resin, oil, wax, dirt, glitter, powders, & more. Not to mention, all rolls are removable and reusable. Get yours today.

Products & Solutions

  • Katch for Crafting
  • Katch for Painting
  • Katch for Pets