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Isopropyl Wipes

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Isopropyl wipes, sometimes called IPA (isopropyl alcohol) wipes, are frequently used to clean printed circuit boards and other delicate electronic components and assemblies. Other common applications include medical and first aid, tape head cleaning, and the removal of oils and white minerals. Most come pre-saturated with isopropyl alcohol, which, when they’re used for cleaning electronics, helps reduce static and remove contaminants. This alcohol is also helpful for killing bacteria and other germs in medical applications. Isopropyl wipes are generally made from specialty materials that reduce or eliminate particle generation, to prevent contamination of the electronic components they are used to clean. These specialty materials are often a unique blend of fabrics, such as polyester and cellulose. Higher quality isopropyl wipes will have clean cut edges to further reduce contamination caused by loose or hanging fibers.

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