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Industrial Curtains

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Heavy duty vinyl or mesh curtains are an effective and inexpensive solution for blocking out rain, wind, snow, dust, smoke, noise, and humidity. Industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, storefronts, and countless other locations can benefit from the use of industrial curtains, as they provide a safer work environment and improve comfort for employees and customers (where applicable). A mesh industrial curtain. A mesh industrial curtain. (Photo courtesy of Most industrial curtains are designed to slide open, side to side, on simple rollers. Whether manually or mechanically operated, they are exceptionally easy to use. Installation requirements are generally minimal, with only a slide rail needed for most industrial curtain applications. Even those that must cross something other than a “straight line” opening (around a corner or around the perimeter of a three-sided storefront awning, for example) require very little effort for installation. Industrial curtains can be installed inside or outside of a facility, depending on location requirements and what the curtain is meant to block. Specialty materials, such as flame retardant fabrics, can be used to manufacture industrial curtains for increased safety.

Industrial Curtain Manufacturers

  • A&R Tarpaulin made a name for themselves by providing high quality, custom-designed industrial curtains. Since 1976, their industrial curtains have been the gold standard by which all others in the industry are measured.