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Green Laser Marking

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What Is A Green Laser?

A green laser is a type of solid-state laser that uses a crystalline or glass rod that has been doped with ions that provide the energy necessary to produce a beam. Green lasers produce beams within the visible spectrum which, as their name suggests, are green in color. Red, blue, and other color lasers operate on the same principle, but generate beams in their namesake colors. The different colors of these laser are results of the wavelengths of their particular beams. Using DPSS (diode pumped solid-state) laser technology, green laser beams are commonly frequency-doubled, -tripled, or –quadrupled. Wavelengths under second, third, or fourth harmonic generation can be between 266 nm and 532 nm, with the higher end of the range producing visible green beams.

Green Laser Marking

Permanent markings and/or engravings